Re: special characters and punctuation feedback while typing in v2019.3.1

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hi Quentin,

I understood Martin that he discovers that with typed chars off and typed words on. And that can beconfirmed at my end, but it was the same under 2019.2.1





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Subject: Re: [nvda] special characters and punctuation feedback while typing in v2019.3.1


Hi Martin,


Have you restarted the computer since you updated NVDA?  I just tried type a. with speak typed characters on, and NVDA read "A dot" just as you expected.  I don't have Eloquence, but it worked the same with eSpeak and with Windows OneCore voices.


Occasionally you get random bugs (such as this) after installing or updating the software but before restarting the computer.  Restarting the computer shuts everything down and loads again from scratch so usually fixes up these random on-off issues.


Also double check that you have speak typed characters on as well :)


Kind regards




On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 10:00 PM Martin Thomas Swaton <list@...> wrote:


I searched for this problem, but could not find a topic on it ... so if
this already was asked, I am sorry...

Since the update the feedback of special characters and punctuation
while typing has changed when you set the feedback to "words" and
disable "characters".

normally special characters and punctuation was spoken emedeately on
their keypress together with any other characters, that have been typed

example of old behaviour:

type: a.

feedback: a dot

new behavour:

type: a.

feedback: a

this is very problematic as you now do not get any feedback on typed
special characters and punctuation. Try to type a smiley, you won't hear
it. just silence.

Tried that with eloquence and espeak. So the speech/voice does not matter.

Hope this can be fixed

and additionally I would suggest to add a option/choice to choose wether
special characters (and numbers) should be spoken emedeately on their
keypress or together with other characters as whole words. So users
could decide, which they prefer, as there where discussions in the past
about that.

but right now it would be important to get back any feedback for theese
special characters and punctuation.





Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager



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