Re: Observations with ETI eloquence add on.

Robert Doc Wright godfearer

Try this open Eloquence and uncheck everything that you have checked. Then press ctrl+insert+v, tab twice, make sure it is pointing to ETI Eloquence and go through  and set all your other changes.



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From: Sue J. Ward
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 12:02 PM
To: nvda groups
Subject: [nvda] Observations with ETI eloquence add on.


  Hello am noticing some things when I did update to the latest ETI

Eloquence add on that works with NVDA 2019.3. Sometimes whenever am I

reading something on a webpage or tabbing through folders in Thunderbird

the add on will stop working and when ever that happens I have to

restart NVDA. It has happened to me for the past week and at least seven

times a day it is driving me crazy. I don't know who is behind this but

it could use some help in getting stuff straightened out. I also noticed

whenever I raise the pitch to a percentage in the speech settings it

does not do anything when I come a across a capital letter it does not

do that. I also noticed in the Sapi 5 eloquence driver as well. In the

old add on I did not notice anything like this. I am not a developer am

just an average home user so if anyone has a  email address so I can

contact who works on the add on maybe I could contact them and let them

know what I am noticing. Thank you.


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