Youtube - how to navigate

Reinaldo Alves

Hi, my wife has low vision and depends on NVDA to navigate. Most of the use is in Youtube.

Apparently, something is not working as previously with the mouse pointer. When watching a video in Youtube, she used to move the mouse to the videos listed on the right side of the Youtube page and click on the mouse, to go to the next or another video. NVDA would read the content of the videos...

Now, the cursor when you move to the videos on the right, a hand pointer is shown, so NVDA says  "Cursor unknown", so it does not read what the title of the video is.

Is there a way to resolve this hand pointer of the mouse and change it to the standard cursor, so NVDA could read it correctly ?

If not, then what would be the Keys to use to navigate inside Youtube ?

I am not an expert in NVDA, so bear with me folks...



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