Re: Installing Cygwin


John J. Boyer <john.boyer@...> wrote:
Please give clearer instructions. I don't see a screen with radio
buttons. There is just a dialog to tab through.
Ok, here you go.
1. Fire up the setup.exe file.
2. After the introductory screen, you have a series of radio buttons. Install from internet. Download without installing. And install from local directory. You, being a first time user, will probably want Install from Internet.
3. Next you pick your install directory; c:\cygwin or c:\cygwin64 by default.
4. Next you Pick your local pcakcage directory. This is where the packages are downloaded to; and you can install from it at a later time without redownloading.
5. Next you set your connection type. Pick the one that is applicable for your situation.
5. Next you will have to pick a mirror site. There's a lot of them; pick one from the list and then press enter.
6. Now here's the dialog Tyler was talking about. Here you have a series of radio buttons. Curr, exp, and keep. You want Curr.
7. Now you need to use your object navigation. Hit NVDA+numpad 6 until you hear NVDA say "list."
8. Now, use numpad 9 to read through the list that contains the package categories. To see what packages are in a given category, use NVDA+numpad slash to root your mouse pointer to it, and click the first letter of the category name. Then use numpad 9 again to read through the packages in that category. Click on the skip item to cycle a package from being not installed (skip) to install. When a package is set to install, the size in Kb will be announced instead of the word skip. Click the first letter of the category, once more, to hide the list of packages.
10. To install a given category, use your NVDA+numpad slash to root your pointer to the word default. Click that until you hear install.
11. Go through all the packages and categories you wish to install and then hit next. You will get a dialog asking about dependencies; let setup handle them all and you should be fine.
The rest should be self explanatory. Go and have a cup of coffee; this process takes a while. You can then launch cygwin terminal from your desktop after it's installed. You'll get a message about copying skeleton files, and then you're all set up.

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