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I agree also there is blind extra in this collection which is actually quite bad.

There is this ibm viavoice addon, I have not seen that before.

Well actually I found it but only the driver is free, not the synth.

Good job trying to get it.

Vox syn for linux seems to be the only one with the libraries so maybe I wll try and see if I can fiddle with this and demo it later.

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oh good job on gathering this list. However, I see also some ilegal addons in there (i.e. eloquence and cracked Akapella or Vocalizer voices). If you want them to work, you have to download them from official sources like CodeFactory or Tiflotecnia. Due to NVDA being free of charge, I guess it is reasonable and also respectful to at least spend some cash on useful things such as a synthesizer which in fach isnot very expensive.


Other addons like Sentencenav, Browsernav, Bluetooth audio, TextNav etc are already uptodate but the author did not request to update them officially. You can contact him directly or you can download the addons here:


Regarding Access solutions addon and the NVDA store addon, as Yannick already says, the addon is discontinued as well as other addons like i.e. console timer (not needed anymore), screen curtain (not needed anymore) or Vital Book Shelf (not needed anymore).


For addons from access solutions, please feel free to contact them if you want the addons to work further. This is valid for all the other addons that do not work.

By the way, audio themes 3d is working, the addon can be found on the official addons website under the development section.







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Hi all, since morning, I’m trying to separate all of the NVDA addons that are available on my pc, my result is as follows:

Total: 146 addons.

Working: 73.

Non-working: 73.

Means 50 percent of my addons have been effected due to the migration of the NVDA from python 2 to python3.

I hope that these addons will working again, you can get my addons collection and check them your self.



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