Re: speech syns

Sarah k Alawami

I don't quit4 care for it at faster speed, but that's just me. I work at high speed for anyone who has watched my videos and has heard my headset bleed through. Lol! I can tolerate vocalizer but only for so much. They do soudn better at slower speeds.

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On 12 Feb 2020, at 17:50, David Ouimet wrote:

 Hi Don, I never used Vocalizer with NVDA, but I have it with Jaws. I know Vocalizer has a good selection of voices. I leave the Acapela synth settings on their defaults, so I haven't modified them at all. Acapela, like Vocalizer has really good sound quality & is very good to work with. I don't go really fast with the speech though.


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