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Hi List


I have another problem since I upgraded to NVDA 2019.3.


In Afrikaans we regularly make use of the ASCII codes for ‘accents’, ‘pounds’, ‘euros’ and much more.


To access the ASCII codes, we use the ALT-key plus the numeric keypad. I did everything, as I usually did, turned on the numeric-keypad, held down ALT and typed the number sequence.


Nothing happened. I tried it several times, with no success. Previously NVDA read the coded letter.


I also, previously wrote regarding the addon announcing copy and paste. I tried to update the addon, with no success. Can someone please hel?




Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa)


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Subject: Re: [nvda] questions for Newest nvda update.


And, with regard to NVDA Remote and NVDA 2019.3.X, quoting Rui Fontes from earlier today:

Almost all add-ons are already compatible with NVDA 2019.3...

You can get a beta version of remote add-on at:


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