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Christo, am going to ask a silly question here, since just tested out exactly that, and, it worked fine.

What voice engine are you using?  Ask that, since, the MS one core voices will just read out, for example, the letter E with an accent on it as E, but, using eSpeak-NG, it tells me the difference between e and é (that second one is e-acute, typed right now using alt + numpad-130).

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On 2020-02-13 11:17 AM, Christo Vorster wrote:

Hi List


I have another problem since I upgraded to NVDA 2019.3.


In Afrikaans we regularly make use of the ASCII codes for ‘accents’, ‘pounds’, ‘euros’ and much more.


To access the ASCII codes, we use the ALT-key plus the numeric keypad. I did everything, as I usually did, turned on the numeric-keypad, held down ALT and typed the number sequence.


Nothing happened. I tried it several times, with no success. Previously NVDA read the coded letter.


I also, previously wrote regarding the addon announcing copy and paste. I tried to update the addon, with no success. Can someone please hel?




Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa)


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And, with regard to NVDA Remote and NVDA 2019.3.X, quoting Rui Fontes from earlier today:

Almost all add-ons are already compatible with NVDA 2019.3...

You can get a beta version of remote add-on at:


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