Problem with NVDA while reading documents

Vaibhav Bhandari

Hi all,
I am using the latest version of NVDA. Today, I was reading and doing
work in some documents but when suddenly I switched my documents by
pressing shift+tab, my nvda crashed. It was not reading the document
and no matter what I pressed it did not stop speaking. After
restarting it, the problem occurred again. This time I restarted NVDA
in debug mode and got the following message during that problem:
DEBUG - IAccessibleHandler.accessibleObjectFromEvent (13:02:41.398) -
MainThread (4820):
oleacc.AccessibleObjectFromEvent with window 1311748, objectID 109 and
childID 0: [WinError -2147467259] Unspecified error
This problem is continuously happening though fortunately not so
frequently. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks/regards: Vaibhav Bhandari

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