Re: Latest update to nvda Did not Even Sorta' Work.

Martin McCormick

"Brian Vogel" <> writes:
Well, you're still running Windows 10 Version 1809, which is a problem to
begin with. Get yourself updated to 1909 - pronto, and see if that makes
a difference.
Thank you. I believed the system that always told me I
was up-to-date. I laugh a bit after all, this is an election
year in the US so that's what I get for being gullible. That's
the reason why I printed out some of the systeminfo output.

*Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10
ISO file* (
The path I used to start the upgrade which is chugging
along as I write this was to go to settings and clicking "update
and security"

It wanted for several minutes to keep checking 1809 and
then, for some reason, it suddenly went to update-assistant and
did what an article I had found on line said should happen.

I also thought 1909 was the paid version. So I figured
all the updates would keep increasing the build number after 1809
which would stay the same.

As I send this message, It's on the third progress bar
which is creeping along so it looks like it will take a while to
finish as the documentation warns.

This brings me to a nvda question.

Is there a way to listen to all the messages that are
produced so that one can come back later and hear it all and
check for complaints and or progress statements?


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