Re: NVDA and Firefox

David Griffith

This also happened to me and I dealt with it by installing Waterfox at that time as a slimmed down version of FireFox with at the time better accessibility.

I have now pretty much moved to using Brave full time now so I am not quite sure of the full status of Waterfox. I relaunched it just now and it appears to be still OK.

David Griffith

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and Firefox

Hi Everyone

I use Windows 7, NVDA 2019.3.1 and Firefox 68.5.0ESR. It works fine on
one machine.

I have just installed NVDA on another Windows 7 machine and, when I load
Firefox, it says the title of the page and then keeps saying "Unknown".
This machine had a previous version of Firefox which was updated today
to 68.5.0ESR.
I created a portable version of NVDA using the first machine and
installed it on the second one.

Can anyone advise me how to make it work on the second machine?


pele West

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