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On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 12:06 PM, Anna Rita de Bonis wrote:
Could you please share this address so that I can subscribe to this list too?

Searching for Groups and Their E-mail Addresses

1.       Navigate to the main page.  If you get a warning about logging in, this will not be necessary for what you’re attempting to do.

2.       Navigate to the Find or Create a Group link on that page then activate it.

3.       In the search box, enter the search terms for the group you’re trying to locate.  I recommend being too specific as far as the number of search terms.  If you get nothing back, remove terms one by one until you do.  For example, if I use the two search terms NVDA Add-Ons, I get two groups back, the NVDA Add-Ons group first, and the NVDA group itself second.

4.       Review what’s come back.  Each group returned is, like in most search engines, presented as a heading, under the initial heading “Publicly Listed Groups.” You can use the H quick navigation command to review the results.

5.       When you find the group you are looking for, activate that link that is the heading.

6.       There is a heading on the group main page entitled “Group Email Addresses”  you can search for that and find the list underneath it, or you can use the “cheaters” method and use a screen reader search on the @.  The first and second occurrences of the @ on the page are generally the posting address and subsequent entries are the subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.  Once you find the subscribe address, just copy it and send an e-mail to subscribe to the group.


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