Vocalizer Expressive Driver

Andrea Sherry

Using Windows 10 64 bit home.
NVDA 2019.3.1.
Have installed Vocalizer driver/voices.
Each time NVDA loads I receive a message from Vocalizer that my credentials cannot be verified.
It says to check where my email ans password have been entered correctly. Have done this and it is correct.
The screen also suggests that I am using another person's software or that I am attempting to use Vocalizer on more than one computer. This is not correct.
Went to the Vocalizer site and downloaded the driver 3.14 I think it was. However when I attempt to install I am told thqat this addon is blocked. The only driver addon that works form me is a version (3.10) which I installed with an earlier beta.
Is there another driver version I should have and if so where is it?

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