Re: Visual indicator of NVDA cursor location?

Luke Robinett

Excellent! thanks guys. I’ve held off on updating to the latest version to allow some time for initial bugs to get ironed out etc. That would explain why I wasn’t finding that setting. Haha. Thanks again 

On Feb 12, 2020, at 11:37 PM, Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> wrote:

Under NVDA settings, find the vision category, and, besides toggling
screen curtain, there's also now the focus highlight option, which used
to be an add-on, but, now seems to be built in, and, offers exactly that
- highlighting what we're focused on?

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On 2020-02-13 04:47 AM, Luke Robinett wrote:
> When I am sharing my screen with remote colleagues via Skype or I just have a coworker looking over my shoulder as we work together on something, it’s hard for sighted folks to follow along with me because I’m not using the mouse. Is there a way to enable some sort of visual indicator of the NVDA cursor so sighted people can follow along as we navigate?

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