Re: how to enable hidden files in Windows 10

Chris Mullins

Open File Explorer
Press the alt key to open the menu bar, then use left arrow to move to
the "File tab
Arrow down to "Options Change settings for opening items, file and
folder views and search" and press enter
In the dialog that opens press Control+tab to move to the "view" tab
Press tab once to move to the "Advanced Settings" treeview
Navigate the treeview with up/down arrows, use spacebar to
check/uncheck settings, one of which is for hiding/showing hidden
files and folders
When done tab toOK button and press enter.

Note Your User account may require administrator privileges to use this feature.


On 14/02/2020, Pramit <> wrote:
Hi Robert

In File Explorer go to View and then scroll right to the Show/Hide box and
in that you can check / un-check the Hidden Item as per your request.

Hope this helps!


On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 5:30 AM Robert Mendoza <>

Hoping could guide me how to enable the hidden files in the File explorer

I appreciate your respond. Thanks.


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