Re: eloquence suggestions

Felix G.

I'm currently using a demo version of the Code Factory version. Seems
to be a solid implementation. It's lightning fast.

Am Fr., 14. Feb. 2020 um 15:33 Uhr schrieb Sam Bushman

The NVDA version can only be used for NVDA.

The other version can be used on windows and for any other speaking app/screen reader.

Not sure which is better because I have only used and paid for the NVDA version.



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What is the difference between the two versions?

Daniel Hawkins


On Feb 14, 2020, at 7:29 AM, Sam Bushman <libertyroundtable@...> wrote:

I currently use the NVDA paid version. Works well for me.

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Subject: [nvda] eloquence suggestions

i want to use eloquence with the latest version of nvda. does anyone have any suggestions as to the best version to get, free and or paid? thanks


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