Re: For how long do I have to continue getting the vocalizer error messages?

Rui Fontes

As I have already said, we are working on that...

Hope to solve it soon...

Best regards,


Costumer support

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 16:17 de 14/02/2020, Ibrahim Abedrabbo escreveu:

Hi folks,

I am currently running NVDA 2019.3.1 with the vocalizer add on posted by Rui. After some difficulties in deleting the vocalizer activation and reactivating again, Both seem to be running fine. I basically could not delete the old activation via the vocalizer menu, and had to delete the vocalizer activation manually.

However, I continuously get this irritating vocalizer error message every time I start my computer:

Your license can not be verified. Please check the following:

1. Your credentials (email and password) are correct (you can change them under the

vocalizer expressive menu)

2. You are not using someone else's activation or you are not using the same activation in

different computers at the same time. This is not legal, and is against license terms.

3. You are having internet problems.

For further clarification, please contact tiflotecnia, Lda, or your local dealer.








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