Just a warm Hello! (Was:Re: [nvda] Current status of Tiflotecnia voices?)


Hello Mo,

Ive just seenpost from you on the NVDA list, and my emotional, Italian nature pushed me to write to you, simply to say hello...

You're the one who encouraged me to start working with Vinux, yeas ago, and I'll never forget your kindness and competence.

Meanwhile I've moved on to Slint and Arch... Slint because it's simple to use; Arch, because it's my son's favourite, and he enticed me to try it out.

I love both...

My son is now in the UK, just abou to complete his Ph.D. in maths at the niversity of York.

He's been there for three and a half years now, but I've never been able to go and see him yet. Shame on me!

Sorry for intruding into your privte mailbox... I just couldn't resist, because I'm still so very grateful to you for the help and encouragement you gave me years ago.

I won't bother you agian, I rpomise...

Ciao, take caer,


On 14/02/2020 20:03, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:
Many thanks, we will give that a go.


On 14/02/2020 19:02, Rui Fontes wrote:
They can register and use the voices.

The validation of the activation only stops the functionalities after 30 days without verification...

Best regards,

Costumer support

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 19:00 de 14/02/2020, Mobeen Iqbal escreveu:

Many thanks for the link. Is there any point in installing it yet for my client if they cannot register? Or shall I wait?


On 14/02/2020 18:59, Rui Fontes wrote:

For Vocalizer Expressive, the new version of the driver is at:


It is not yet published on the page because still have a bug on verifying the authorization and we hope to fix it very soon...

For Vocalizer 2.0 the driver is already published at:


Best regards,

Costumer support

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 18:48 de 14/02/2020, Mobeen Iqbal escreveu:
Hello Everyone.

I was wondering what the current status of voices from Tiflotecnia is? I am assisting a client who has previously purchased voices and the add-on on their website isn't compatible with 2019.3.1. I thought they had released an update but obviously not. Does anyone have any ideas how we can get things working again?



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