Re: For how long do I have to continue getting the vocalizer error messages?

Josh Kennedy

If you can afford them, maybe try buying the sapi5 vocalizer voices? They are not tied to NVDA and will work with any application such as NVDA, jaws, audio games, text file readers, and any other applications that use or can use sapi5 tts. I have the best of both worlds though. 6 or so months ago I bought sapi5 eloquence, sapi5 vocalizer, and the eloquence vocalizer voice bundle NVDA addon from ... And a few years ago I also bought sapi5 eloquence with its own separate key from computer room services in the UK, even though I live in the United States so I have two sapi5 eloquence keys, one eloquence vocalizer addon NVDA-addon bundle key, and one vocalizer sapi5 key. Vocalizer sapi5 is a bit expensive, but its worth it in my opinion because it works with all sapi5 applications, including windows10 narrator. If you can't afford either of those, the windows10 oneCore voices are good and they support a lot of languages just like vocalizer does. 

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