Re: eloquence suggestions

Sarah k Alawami

That is a code factory issue that might have to b asked about, but given what they did to android and just quit eloquence, I would be surprised if they even listened to us anymore.

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On 15 Feb 2020, at 6:27, Josh Kennedy wrote:

The only thing I wish we could do is lets say you have a computer crash and you are out of activations for eloquence or vocalizer. I wish we could go to a special website, put in our registered license key, press reset button, and our key count or license count will be reset back to 3 installs. You can do this with jaws, so why not vocalizer and eloquence? Its annoying if you have a computer crash and want to get back up right away and if you are out of keys you have to contact your distributor and they have to reset your license back to 3 activations for you. I wish we could do this ourselves like we can with jaws. 


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