Re: Continuing my saga with Vocalizer voices with latest NVDA

Rui Fontes

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Às 19:14 de 15/02/2020, Gerardo Corripio escreveu:

I tried still once again, with the driver Rui shared with us yesterday, to install, but no luck! Not even with Control+NVDA+s nor within the NVDA Menu does the Vocalizer shortcut appear as it should! I checked my Microsoft Security, but no notification or nothing came up, thus I was beginning to hink maybe the antivirus was the culprit,but no. What else could I try? I know it installed because when NVDA starts up, it says that at least one voice is needed to work Vocalizer; this even after installing the packs for English and Spanish from the site! Shnould I uninstall and reinstall? Because with NVDA EARLIER THAN 19.3.1 IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY! WITH the Vocalizer shortcut and everything! Even weirder, I don’t even get the error of the license activation like you guys. What do you guys think is happening?


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