Re: Number and Abbrieviation Processing


Hi Quentin,

Thank you for your reply.

I tried both suggestions.  For the simpler replacement of the period with the word "dot," this worked for the number processing, but made reading text difficult.  For the regex solution, this didn't work as expected, and I should have realized it before I tried.  The problem with using regex is that there is no way to capture the value the regex expression is matching to pass it from the input to the output. 

For example, to adjust how NVDA handles numbers seperated by periods, Here's what I entered:

String to match: [0-9].[0-9]
Replacement: [0-9] dot [0-9]

Doing this, NVDA properly made a replacement based on the string I wish to have matched.  However, the replacement was literally what I put into the replacement string.  So, for example:


was read as:

201 [0-9] dot [0-9] [0-9] dot [0-9]

A script would need to be written to properly do this, I'm afraid.

Honestly, a toggle to turn off date processing would be best.  Otherwise, I suppose I'll need to look around at other software synthesizers or see if this has ever been asked of the Microsoft community.


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