LAMBDA 1.3.0 #addonrelease

Iván Novegil

Hello all.

LAMBDA add-on 1.3.0 has just been released. It is now powered by Python 3, keeping backwards compatibility. The release of NVDA 2019.3 makes it urgent to reduce the testing period and to release this version as stable, although community guidelines. This doesn't means that it hasn't been tested, as they were, at least, two testers (Alberto and me). Of course, despite being a stable version, issues can be reported as usual.


  • Support for newer version of NVDA (Support for Python 3)
  • Solved an issue while pressing duplicate line command NVDA+d in a blank line caused clipboard content to be pasted. Now when you press NVDA+d and you are in a blank line, a new blank line appears as expected.

Download it from:

This version is possible thanks to the work of Alberto Zanella, main mantainer, and all the community translators. With regard to this, we welcome in this version some new languages and updated documentation for some of those which were already added.

Reviewers, please update addonFiles (our permissions were revoked by the migration), and our nvdaaddons repo, or let me know the transitory process to do that by myself. All the code is at



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