Re: LAMBDA 1.3.0 #addonrelease


On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 12:36 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
The thing is, not many add-on authors are members of users list.
In this case I was referring to those that are and who might make an announcement here, but you bring up a very important point.

I have been disappointed, sorely disappointed, at how little documentation of any sort is available for a great many of the add-ons on both the official and under development pages.  I truly cannot fathom why anyone would dedicate the time and effort, which is substantial, to creating a tool for use with NVDA and then never give a public statement regarding what that tool actually does and how to use it, particularly on the page from which it is downloaded.

There are constantly people arriving who are new to NVDA.  I'm certainly not new to NVDA anymore, but I still have no idea of what a number of the add-ons do.  Whether I use them or not, that information should be front and center on the page where the add-on is obtained.  To my mind, it shouldn't even go up on such a page without documentation.

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