Re: my configuration is almost complete with 2019.3


Yes, run one of the versions, install the addons, then do whatever.

I have done this with my interactive fiction interpreters and it works as expected.

I think till things become accessible we will have to jump back and forth between 2019.2 and the latest nvda version.

On 17/02/2020 7:26 am, molly the blind tech lover wrote:
I made two portable versions of NVDA . . . Is there a way to install some of my add-ons on to the portable versions?

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Hi all.

Well except for the interactive fiction interpreters addon from n stockton which I have given up on ever getting updated, nvda is in of itself working.

I have made a portable version of nvda 2019.2.1 which has, just the addons I need, no win10 apps, no extras just the configurations I want and such.

I suggest for those that need older addons they just use nvda with the addons that don't update or are not updated or will never update from now on.

All I will use this version for is to play text games, its not ever going to update itself at all.


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