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hurrikennyandopo ...


if you are a new user and unaware of how to get into the menus it is the nvda key + N then arrow down to tools then there will be a submenu so when you hear it you might have to right arrow then down to arrow to manage add ons menu then press the enter key. When the next screen comes up tab a few times until you hear you hear get add ons then press the enter key. Now it will launch your browser and on that page will give you a list of add ons you can use. You can jump down by the letter H to see which ones might suit your needs. Then there will be a link off that page to another where you can down load that add on from.

 When it has been down loaded it will usually go to a downloads folder on your pc locate it then the add on and press the enter key on it just say yes to it a couple of times then it will be installed.

documentation can be found under the add on manager locate the add on by arrow down to it then tab once or twice to hear the keys etc that you use with it.

By the way if you are interested and a new user to nvda I have put together a website called where you can find written and audio tutorials on how to use nvda. They are for a desk top user and cover a wide variety of tutorials on using nvda Plus there are other pages to do with blindness for people who are new to be visually impaired or blind and getting used to it if you get what I mean.

If you chose one of the nvda pages it will link to the nvda website inside of this one and there is a table on each page to other nvda tutorials.

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 17/02/2020 8:47 am, Cordelia Scharpf wrote:
Prdon me, I am a new user here. "Do whatever" sounds a bit too brief a tip in response to the query how to ensure that the add-ons in questions get saved with the portable version. I am looking for an option within the menu for the portable NVDA that lets me select individual add-ons, not just the whole package of add-ons. Is there such an option?

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Yes, run one of the versions, install the addons, then do whatever.

I have done this with my interactive fiction interpreters and it works
as expected.

I think till things become accessible we will have to jump back and
forth between 2019.2 and the latest nvda version.

On 17/02/2020 7:26 am, molly the blind tech lover wrote:
I made two portable versions of NVDA . . . Is there a way to install some of my add-ons on to the portable versions?

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Subject: [nvda] my configuration is almost complete with 2019.3

Hi all.

Well except for the interactive fiction interpreters addon from n stockton which I have given up on ever getting updated, nvda is in of itself working.

I have made a portable version of nvda 2019.2.1 which has, just the addons I need, no win10 apps, no extras just the configurations I want and such.

I suggest for those that need older addons they just use nvda with the addons that don't update or are not updated or will never update from now on.

All I will use this version for is to play text games, its not ever going to update itself at all.


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