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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Richard

If you want both written and audio tutorials for the nvda screen reader you can check out my website at

the link is to the main page you see. It covers blindness related material along with nvda tutorials.

If you pick one off the main page for nvda it will link to the internal website where the nvda tutorials are all in one table if you get what I mean.

it will also point you in the right directions for a lot of stuff plus you can also buy training material from nvaccess shop for outlook, word, exce, nvda and a power point one is coming.

Hope it helps.

By the way the nvda tutorials covers a few of the features from before to now of the latest release.

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 17/02/2020 11:16 am, Richard Fiorello wrote:


I am a new user and just subscribed to this list.  I wonder if one can obtain a daily digest of messages to this list?  Also I’m looking for a good comprehensive tutorisl.  I’ve seen lots of youtube posts that briefly cover one or two features of the program but nothing that I felt was very comprehensive.  I wonder if anyone has any suggestions?


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