Re: my configuration is almost complete with 2019.3


This message is a long answer but it may contain information that will be very useful in future, depending on what you do or don't do now.
You can make portable versions using your installed version to do so.  You can have all your settings and add-ons copied to the portable version as it is being created.  Look in the menu under tools and you will see where it can be done.  When people get a program, or at some point, it would be very worthwhile to go through the menus to see what is there.  You may find all sorts of useful things you wouldn't even have known to ask about.  You may or may not know how to use them, but at least you will know about them.
You can install add-ons to the portable versions you have made just as you did with the installed version.  You may have to download them again but if you don't keep a copy of every installer of any program you have installed until you no longer intend to use it ever again, you should. Programs may become corrupted or for some other reason, you may have to install them again.  And the installers should be backed up as anything you don't want to lose should be. 

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Subject: Re: [nvda] my configuration is almost complete with 2019.3

I made two portable versions of NVDA . . . Is there a way to install some of my add-ons on to the portable versions?

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Subject: [nvda] my configuration is almost complete with 2019.3

Hi all.

Well except for the interactive fiction interpreters addon from n stockton which I have given up on ever getting updated, nvda is in of itself working.

I have made a portable version of nvda 2019.2.1 which has, just the addons I need, no win10 apps, no extras just the configurations I want and such.

I suggest for those that need older addons they just use nvda with the addons that don't update or are not updated or will never update from now on.

All I will use this version for is to play text games, its not ever going to update itself at all.

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