Re: the edward voice

Quentin Christensen

Speech player is somewhat dusty on the back shelf, but eSpeak NG certainly still exists in NVDA.  If you install NVDA from scratch on a Windows 10 computer, it will use OneCore by default.  Press NVDA+control+v to open the voice settings.  Tab to the "change' (synthesizer) button and press ENTER.  Then, press HOME or the arrow keys to find eSpeak-NG and ENTER.  Next, TAB to the variant and select Ed from the list.  Is that the one your were after?

I'm not sure whether NV Speech player will be updated.  If there is anyone who is eager to update it and has the ability and interest to maintain it, let me know. (I'm not sure exactly what Mick wants to do with it yet, but if someone is interested, we can start the dialog).



On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 1:32 PM Bobby Vinton <vinton.bobby5277@...> wrote:
Hay I was wondering if if you could please bring back the Edward voice
to nvda?  I love it so much and I am very sad that speech player and
espeek is gone.  I have requested this 4 months ago and nothing was
done.  So could you please add the Edward voice in nvda it self?

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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