Re: Speech on demand addon for NVDA, and a bug in Microsoft office

Chris Mullins

I may be totally off target here because it's a long time since I used
Jaws but is this referring to the Verbosity level in Jaws? When I
used it, there used to be 3 levels of verbosity you could set based on
your proficiency, the higher the level, the less information about the
environment inwhich you are focused is fed back to the user. You
could possibly create something like this using profiles and Document
formatting settings in NVDA.


On 17/02/2020, Damien Garwood <damien@...> wrote:
Sleep mode doesn't technically turn speech off, as it still speaks while
alt+tabbing through windows. So I guess if you want it completely silent
you'd have to turn speech off and then sleep mode on. But then again I
guess in those circumstances you may as well just unload NVDA...
To be honest though, I've personally never really seen a need for sleep
mode. In JAWS, which takes control of the whole keyboard (or at least
used to), it would seem logical to put it to sleep for playing games
that use an input system like DirectX or whatever that is sure to
interfere. But NVDA doesn't have such a limitation - I don't think
there's a single game where I've had to put NVDA to sleep and the two
have cooperated very nicely indeed. The one thing I do is to turn
keyboard echo off so I don't get distracted by NVDA chattering at me
every time I press a key, but yet I've got it for other things in case
of crashes, errors or other dialogs that might show up. Add that to the
beauty of configuration profiles, and you're laughing.

On 17/02/2020 11:11 am, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Ah ok thanks. The other option you can use to "pause" NVDA is sleep
mode, which not only turns speech off, but disables the NVDA commands as
well in case you need those for your application. The command for sleep
mode is NVDA+shift+s or in laptop keyboard layout, NVDA+shift+z.

Kind regards

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 9:30 PM Cuong Dang Manh <dangmanhcuong@...
<mailto:dangmanhcuong@...>> wrote:

Hi Quentin
speech on demand works similar to Toggle Speech Mode command in
NVDA. As you know, it'll temporary turns speech off it case such as
recordign streaming.
abdul muhamin, press NVDA+S for that feature. We have three mode:
speak, beeps and talks.
Let try
On 2/17/2020 2:32 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
What would such a speech on demand add-on do?

Are you using any add-ons or anything else? I can't replicate the
read only issue with Word myself. I'll keep thinking on what else
it could be.



On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 11:08 PM abdul muhamin
<abdulmuhamin600@... <mailto:abdulmuhamin600@...>>

Hi guys, is there a speech on demand like jaws, available for
NVDA? I think it will be very useful in some of the apps.

More over, I’m using ms office 2016 pro, with latest NVDA, and
I’ve enabled UI automation, after opening any document in
word, NVDA says read-only before reading a line, I think it’s
a bug, and needed to be fix, because with UI automation
enabled, NVDA response more better.

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