Add-on Updater 20.02.2 #addonrelease


Hi all,


Add-on Updater 20.02.2 is now available. Hopefully this release will be the last time you’ll get to see add-on compatibility notice after installing it.


Also, this is both a stable and an experimental release: if you are using recent NVDA alpha snapshots (not many of you should), you’ll find that add-on updates cannot be installed if using Add-on Updater. Add-on Updater 20.02.2 will disable compatibility range check so any add-on update can be installed. If this experiment is successful, it’ll show up to everyone in March.


IMPORTANT: version 20.02.2 might be the last version to support NVDA 2019.2; version 20.03 will require 2019.3 or later.




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