profile triggers and what to do if NVDA does not automatically switch to previous profile (observed in alpha 19691 ...)



before I'm going open a ticket I would like to ask community in case I have missed something about profiles.

Some years ago I created profiles for applications and say all, which has been brought to NVDA 2019.3.1. And now everytime, when I stop a "say all", NVDA does not switch to previous profile for instance basic profile or app profile. In previous versions like 2019.2.1 it worked fine. It also have worked for some alphas ago. I cannot exactly determine, when it has stopped work. So what can I do to resolve a problem or is it a bug?

I use portable copy of alpha now on version 19691... on windows 10 1909.

thx for your responses.

regards, Jo┼żef

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