It worked!

Rui Fontes

Hi Gerardo!

I suppode you have already done part of the work, since I didn't find any add-on with removal pendent or similar errors...

What I did was:

Corrected the manifest.ini of the voices add-ons, since you still have the not corrected version, and install the driver add-on.

Best regards,


Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

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Assunto: It worked!
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Thanks a lot for your time! I had to step out for awhile to run errands, but I’m back, with the newsthat I’ve the Vocalizer voices working again! What was the problem with the voices, or was it with my NVDA? If ever needed, what files would I install in terms of the AddON and the voice packages?

Thanks again! I really missed the Vocalizer voices to work with! IN case anyone has problems with there’s, I give you gren light to talk about on list what was happening with mine? To close the saga shall we say; I’d imagine I left everyone in suspense?


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