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I have a copy of OE that works just fine in windows 10.It does not ask for anything but your email information. It does have one quirk. The shortcut it creates on the desktop is incorrect. Let me know if you want it and I'll send a Dropbox link.

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Sent: Monday, February 17, 2020 2:05 PM
Subject: [nvda] OE Classic fixes list accessibility.

Glad to see they responded to feedback! Lists have been fixed in the version 3.1. This version isn't available for free users yet. My guess is, that when OE Classic 3.2 comes into beta, then free users will get 3.1. See below for links and emails.

This is an email client that's supposed to be a modern imitation of Outlook Express.. Profiles and IMAP is not supported in the free version yet.

The announcement email.

At last, we can announce a huge improvement for OE Classic accessibility.

Previously, OE Classic lists were unreadable by Jaws and NVDA (or other screen readers).

This is no longer the case!

Now, we've finally cracked the code required to properly announce and narrate those lists to a screen reader. This includes - message list (list of messages), contact list and the list of folders. We went through all the windows and it appears, that this affects all the windows which were previously blank to a screen reader. In addition to that, the names of the lists should now also be properly narrated (such as message list, tree view, followed by a list of actual messages).

Also, when keys are used to navigate (for example, arrow up/down) each individual item is narrated separately (which could be a folder name, a contact name or a subject line of a selected message) which is consistent with the standard message list.

This is a huge improvement for accessibility in OE Classic. Combined with the earlier improvement we did - message boxes, this will make OE Classic a whole lot more accessible. Even though there is still room for improvement which of course we'll continue to work upon, we believe that this one will make a significant difference for OE Classic users in their daily usage.

The new feature is available in OE Classic 3.1, today's update (2020, February 17th) so if you're using an older version, please update to use this feature.

Best regards, Zvonko Tesic

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