Re: 360 Total Security and how to get rid of it?


i recommend you use programs and features or something like this
because i am not familiar with windows ten!
or install uninstaller programs or at least give help from a sighted person.
God bless you too.

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Does this software have a web site that has a forum on it? I've not heard of

it, but normally, if its not some kind of malware there will be a proper
uninstaller. Unfortunately it may mean using a sighted person if the
install/uninstall has not been designed very well.
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Subject: [nvda] 360 Total Security and how to get rid of it?

Please, please, tell me there's a way that my husband and i can get rid of

this on our own as totally blind people? We have the latest version of
JAWS as well as the latest version of NVDA and will use whichever one will

let us do this and are using Windows 10. When my husband got an iCloud
update this program got on our computer and it now is preventing us from
updating to the latest TWBlue or using it at all. It's also slowing the
computer down somewhat too. We have and use Viper and are amazed it
allowed this on here. The program is not accessible with either JAWS or
NVDA and we've tried to remove it the normal way to remove a program with

no success. If anyone can help or knows anything about this, please email

me either privately or on list? Thanks.
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