Hello All:

    Does the JAVA runtime environment (x86/x64) need to be install separately in order to work with NVDA/JAVA application?

    There needs to be some clarification as far as NVDA having JAVA/JRE built-in or if NVDA just automatically loading the JAVA/JRE which is/has been pre-installed on a users on the PC either as OEM/user installed.

    If JAVA/JRE needs to be installed separately it needs to be specified to NVDA users instead of just saying that NVDA will load JAVA/JRE automatically!

    This might lead to some confusion with some NVDA users!

    I hope that NVDA developers or Joseph Lee will read this message and will provide some clarity in this matter.

    Thank You! to all who read/respond to this message!

Carlos - Windows 10 Home, 64 Bit, Version 1909, Build 18363 - NVDA Version 2019.3

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