Re: Accessibility issues with latest potplayer, warn user not to upgrade to latest version

Aravind R

for me f5 is working. only if i set ETI sapi5 eloquants for reading
sub titles, pot player get hanged. so i am using eSpeak.

On 20/02/2020, William Wong <> wrote:

One of my computer updated potplayer to 1.7.21126

and came across the following issues with nvda.

1. pressing application key / right click with mouse cannot access the
context menu

2. pressing f5 cannot access the preferences

3. the installer of the latest version added a adware, and if it is on
that step, pressing tab with nvda cannot access the buttons.

I found it very frustrated, cause my work require potplayer's function.

Anyone would know any media player has a function to press hotkey and
copy the current play position to clipboard?



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