Re: changes in speech in NVDA 2019.3

Quentin Christensen

We did rewrite a lot of the speech code, although for now this shouldn't be an overly different experience, it was more to make future changes and maintenance easier.  Evidently you've found something that does work slightly differently.

Not sure about the first one, I'll have to learn GMails keyboard shortcuts more - but re editing words, I've written that up



On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 2:40 AM Giles Turnbull <giles.turnbull@...> wrote:
Hi all,

does anyone know whether there have been changes to the speech processing part of NVDA in the 2019.3 update? I didn't spot anything in the change log, but I experience a couple of things that are different from the 2019.2.1 version.

The first one is very minor ... when I tag an email in gmail so that it goes into an existing  folder, I press c to go to the combo box listing all folders, then I press a letter corresponding to the first letter of the folder name - such as f for my Facebook notifications. Once focus is on Facebook I tab over and activate the Go button, which applied the label to the email. Since 2019.3 the letter I pressed (in this case f) gets spoken when I tab over to the Go button; this did not happen before 2019.3.If I need to press the letter more than once to continue past Facebook to Farming and then to Fiction, NVDA now announces "fff" which is mildly annoying!

More of a problem is when I mistype words ... I regularly mistype because as becuase and words ending in tion as toin ... I suspect when I've done this and immediately select the word and retype it without presing space to move onto typing the next word. As a result the first mistyping doesn't get spoken straight away ... it gets spoken as I press space or punctuation ... and it merges the mistyped word in with the correct version, and they are seemlessly connected like they are one single word, becuasebecause ... the same happened in this post when I mistyped punctuation as puncutation and got "puncutationpunctuation" as a result.

The only irritation with this is that it makes it difficult to tell whether the subsequent attempts at spelling the word correctly has removed the typo or whether it is still mistyped.

I'm curious whether this is an intentional change and, if so, what the thinking behind it is.


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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