Re: Accessibility issues with latest potplayer, warn user not to upgrade to latest version


and thanks for suggestions of everyone that helped us to make pot
player accessible again.
the last version of pot player is 200204.
today i downloaded and installed it on my windows xp.
both bringing preferences by f5 and using context menu with
application key are accessible.
God bless you all!

On 2/20/20, William Wong <> wrote:

One of my computer updated potplayer to 1.7.21126

and came across the following issues with nvda.

1. pressing application key / right click with mouse cannot access the
context menu

2. pressing f5 cannot access the preferences

3. the installer of the latest version added a adware, and if it is on
that step, pressing tab with nvda cannot access the buttons.

I found it very frustrated, cause my work require potplayer's function.

Anyone would know any media player has a function to press hotkey and
copy the current play position to clipboard?



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