Re: is it possible to safe configuration profiles?

P. Otter

ok, but it is'nt possible to safe the profiles to import them on my other machines?

i don't want to use a portable version on the other computers because there are less options on a portable version.

i've allready nvda installed on the other machines.

i only want to safe the profiles.

cheers and thanks.

paul otter

Op 6-8-2016 om 16:50 schreef Salva Doménech Miguel via

yep, you can save a NVDA Portable Version and install the portable version in the other computer and use the profiles.


El 6 ago 2016, a las 16:02, P. Otter <> escribió:

hello all,

is it possible to safe the made configuration profiles so that i can use it on other computers?

i've 3 computers working. on all of them nvda is running.

on one i've made some profiles, i want to use them on the other computers.

but when i look at program files\nvda\configuration\profiles, this map is empty.

what can i do to find and safe it on a stick to implement it on the other machines?

thanks in advance!


paul otter

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