Re: nvda key q to quit or restart

hurrikennyandopo ...


Make sure your copy under general settings is set to log in debug and save your settings.

You can grab the old log  pressing the windows key + letter R then by typing %temp% then press the enter key.

Then locate the nvda old log.

Then it can be added to a ticket or a ticket made etc.

If you do make a ticket make sure you put down all the details to recreate the problem etc version of nvda operating system and so on.

If you want to try and catch it before a reboot press the nvda key + f1 key then save the log.

Gene nz

On 22/02/2020 2:55 am, brice Mijares wrote:
Ever since the latest update to NVDA, messages in Thunderbird won't read, selecting text, files and folders and the copy or cut command won't work. NVDA key q don't work, so I have to hold down the control key alt key and hit n twice rapidly.  How would I get a copy of the log file if this is happening every time I boot my system? Thanks.

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