Re: NVDA 2019.3.1 and External Soundcard and Firefox

Pele West

Hi Quentin

Thanks for your suggestions. Apologies if the message below seems a
little muddled. I have done so much uninstalling and reinstalling lately.

Before I wrote my first message I tried to change the output device in
the way you describe. The problem is that NVDA does not seem to see the
external sound card.

I started off by installing NVDA from a portable version created using a
different machine. The first time I did this, NVDA could see the sound
card and I was able to set it.

When I found it would not work with Firefox I uninstalled NVDA and
deleted the NVDA folder in AppData. Since then it has not been possible
to change to the external sound card as NVDA does not see it.

I use Window-Eyes on this machine and it works perfectly with the
external sound card.

I have also run the NVDA Com Registration Tool twice, and Firefox still
does not work. However, it does work using Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Both machines use Windows 7.

Is it worth trying to install NVDA from a download installation and
configuring it?


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