Re: Microsoft's accessibility help page for Edge.



I also find edge is a lot like chrome except that it has the edge interface bolted on, so while it looks like chrome its just crappy edge.

Chrome is still better than edge because its not edge.

To be honest, if I was going to make a microsoft brouser and was microsoft, I'd actually upgrade internet explorer and continue using the interface.

Only internet explorer asks you if you want to run a file rather than saving it with its infobar.

It also has no frills which is still while doing admin I still use it a load.

On 26/02/2020 2:20 pm, Arlene wrote:

So do I! I find Edge is a lot like Chrome.


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I quite like the new Edge . . . It reminds me of Google Chrome which is my favorite web browser . . .


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Hi, Robert,


I read the article you shared and it's quite informative. I think I like the older version of edge better.





On 2/24/2020 10:27 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

I'm sharing this because I don't think it's been shared before. I'd bookmark the below. It has some useful links and lists and more, about using the Chromium based Microsoft Edge with the keyboard. Their grammar errors bug me but I can live with it. There's even a link at the bottom to help you revert back to the old Edge.


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