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Monte Single

Yes, I have used the f5 key by itself with Internet Explorer, Firefox and chrome with nvda as my screenreader.
I have never experienced the need for a secondary key such as insert.
Whatever works, I'll try it.

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Good morning: The windows hotkey of f5 also refreshes as well. Have you tried this key stroke?


On 2/20/2020 1:27 PM, Don H wrote:
Running NVDA 2019.3.1 on a win 10 laptop using either Google Chrome or
Microsoft Edge as my browser.
Running into more and more issues with web pages not being refreshed
so that NVDA reads the new page after hitting enter on a link or other
control. Have to use the alt tab keys to get NVDA back on the new
refreshed page.
Is this issue being addressed by the NVDA development team?

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