Using NVDA with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

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I am new to this list and using NVDA.  I had Jaws on my Windows 7 computer and only used NVDA occasionally.  Now that I have Windows 10 my Jaws is too old so I am relying on NVDA and the limited ability of Narrator.  I am having trouble with Chrome and Edge.  I have the latest version of NVDA, Edge and Chrome on a Windows 10 Pro computer.  When I go to Edge or Chrome I get a lot of unnecessary characters and symbols reading me font sizes, line spacing and other nonsense.  It does not happen with Internet Explorer only Edge and Chrome.  What NVDA settings do I have to change to make this stop happening?  Any help will be appreciated.  The Microsoft help desk was not able to solve this problem even after three calls.    


Sandra Johnson


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