Re: is it possible to safe configuration profiles?

P. Otter

hi, i've done it but the map profiles is stil empty!

what's wrong?

i'm searching for the profiles and you tell me it are .ini files.

but i can'nt find them.

can you help me?

thanks in advance

paul otter

Op 6-8-2016 om 17:40 schreef Rui Fontes:

They are .INI files, so maybe you need to check the the option to show
system files...


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De: P. Otter
Data: sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016 16:08
Assunto: Re: [nvda] is it possible to safe configuration profiles?

ok, but it is'nt possible to safe the profiles to import them on my
other machines?

i don't want to use a portable version on the other computers because
there are less options on a portable version.

i've allready nvda installed on the other machines.

i only want to safe the profiles.

cheers and thanks.

paul otter

Op 6-8-2016 om 16:50 schreef Salva Doménech Miguel via
yep, you can save a NVDA Portable Version and install the portable version
in the other computer and use the profiles.


El 6 ago 2016, a las 16:02, P. Otter <pam.otter@...> escribió:

hello all,

is it possible to safe the made configuration profiles so that i can use
it on other computers?

i've 3 computers working. on all of them nvda is running.

on one i've made some profiles, i want to use them on the other

but when i look at program files\nvda\configuration\profiles, this map is

what can i do to find and safe it on a stick to implement it on the other

thanks in advance!


paul otter

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