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I thought so too but for the fact that it had been working perfectly for quite some time without issue and the fact that my sighted neighbor could see everything that NVDA normally reads and it's not reading for me????

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Sent: Friday, February 28, 2020 7:50 AM
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I'm thinking it's something with the website. I have had similar issues at and their forums for years now.

Take care

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On 27 Feb 2020, at 22:22, Danni wrote:

I post on and all has worked fine until today! when I go into a forum and click post new normally I get a box to type in and subject box and other options but today I click post new and get nothing?
My neighbor came over to look and it's working fine but NVDA isn't reading it and am wondering if a setting got changed and what setting that might be? am baffled and hope to heck this made some sort of sense? lol

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