Re: NVDA settings won’t open

John Isige

Go into NVDA settings with NVDA-n and arrow to settings. the NVDA key is
either numpad insert or caps lock, or both, and possibly regular insert
as well. You can change speech rate Etc. quickly with the synth ring,
ctrl-NVDA-left and right arrow to pick the setting you want to change,
ctrl-NVDA-up and down arrow to adjust. The adjustments aren't as fine as
they are in settings speech, e.g. rate jumps by five rather than single
steps as in settings, but you can change most things.

On 2/28/2020 22:21, Anna Givens wrote:
I am quite new to NVDA.
I had it installed on my computer and today it asked me to update so I did. It said the update was March1.2019. So I don’t know how that’s an update. But whatever...
But once it installed and went through set up, but speech was very very slow and so I’m guessing it reset things during the update? So I was going to go into the settings to change speech rate and check on a couple other things. But nothing would open.
This is what I tried:
1. Press enter on NVDA desktop icon.
It would make an ascending noise and then immediately after a descending noise, and nothing at all opened or happened or anything.
2. Pressed windows key to open start menu and typed NVDA into search and pressed enter.
Same result as number 1.
3. Pressed windows key to open start menu and arrowed down to NVDA, pressed enter.
Nothing happened.
4. Pressed windows key to open start menu, arrowed down to NVDA- explore. It opened my computers explorer where my files are- that doesn’t help.
5. Pressed alt key when NVDA desktop icon was selected.
6. Pressed spacebar when NVDA desktop icon was selected.
7. Pressed insert+F11 for system tray, nothing happened.
8. Pressed Fn+F11, nothing happened.
9. I would have tried pressing applications key with NVDA desktop icon selected, but my new computer doesn’t have one.
I’m guessing it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

So how do I get into the settings or preferences or whatever it is called to change a couple things like speech rate and such.

Additionally, is there a shortcut key or hot key (not sure what it’s called) to decrease/increase speech rate without going into settings?

I still want to go into settings, but for future reference would like to know. I searched the web but didn’t find a key command for that.
I found a list of NVDA commands, but speech rate control was not on there. I wonder is there a better reference list of commands?

Thanks for all your help.


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