Re: Is Reaper still accessible with NVDA?

Sarah k Alawami

Yes, it is still accessible. You will hav eto google for osara and the reaper accessibility wiki. But it is still very much accessible. They even fixed some issues with the menu bar or something, cacos did.

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On 29 Feb 2020, at 10:32, Sue J. Ward wrote:

Hello. Was wondering about Reaper have heard of the program and I guess there is an add on that you can install so you can use it with Reaper is the add on still being worked on? Even though I don't know how to write and read music this Reaper program sounds interesting. On the coolblindtech website someone did a five part series on that back in 2016 am going to listen to it sounds interesting. As far as music and audio production what does everyone use with NVDA to get their stuff done?
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