Re: planning on writing a guide on browsing the web efficiently with NVDA

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Hi Kara

have a sus of my website it should be covered. The link to the website is

I think it is on the nvda tutorials or nvda audio tutorial page.

There are nvda tutorials up there both written and audio. If you click on any of the nvda pages it will take you into the nvda side of it and from there you can get to my other nvda tutorials.

Gene nz

On 1/03/2020 5:57 am, Kara Goldfinch wrote:

Hi everyone.

As the subject says, I am planning to write a guide on how to browse the web more efficiently with NVDA.

As you all know, NVDA has a ton of single navigation commands to navigate to different webpage elements, E.G. Landmarks, headings, block quotes, links, the newly introduced groupings and articles etc. However, there doesn't seem to be much info in laypersons terms about what these elements are, much less how you can use them to  get around the web quicker. There's loads of dev info on w3c, but nothing much for your average screen reader user navigating the web.

I would post it on the community wiki as frankly I'm only one woman and don't know everything.  So it'd be a community effort much like the JAWS to NVDA guide, which I did most of the initial work on.

What do you all think of such a project? Would you find it useful?

Also, if a similar thing already exists, I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

All the best,



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